Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bears In The Media

I’ve been noticing a lot of bear coverage in the media lately. For the uninitiated, bears are members of the homosexual community who celebrate the fact that they are big and hairy. I am neither gay nor bear-like myself, yet still I can’t help but think that bears are pretty awesome in general. Anybody that can embrace being a little overweight and having an excess of body and facial hair and then seek out others who are like them and throw big parties with lots of dancing and stuff is okay by me.

I’ve been hip to the bear scene for a while now and apparently the rest of the world is starting to catch on to this exciting new craze (well, new to us non-bears that is). John Waters (who I’m guessing has known about bears himself for some time now) included an exciting bear cameo in his last movie “A Dirty Shame.” It was a great moment for both bears and their admirers. Now, just yesterday, I happened upon two separate mentions of bears over the course of my day’s reading. Since I just woke up, I can’t remember the first. The second however, was in New York Magazine, which had a whole story on bears and the exciting bear scene in general. They even quote John Waters in the piece (who, of course, not a bear).

I’m not sure what my point is with all this. I guess what I’m trying to say is “Bears- I salute you!” In fact, I officially decree today Dave Hill Thinks Bears Are Awesome Day. You can do your part by hugging a bear or something while you’re going about your day. Don’t blame me if things go horribly wrong though and the dude you hug ends up not being a bear but just a big hairy straight guy who wants to kick your ass. It’s not my problem. Anyway, let me know what happens. In the meantime, I am going to go look at pictures of naked chicks on the Internet for a while just so you don’t get the wrong idea about me or something. Geez.

Dave Hill


Blogger Big Bad Bit said...

Hi Mr Hill. I think you're really cool. I always feel better after reading your blog, no matter what you write about (and sometimes I have no idea what you're writing about). Anyway, leaving a comment on your blog is like standing in the Hall of Kings...I feel so small and puny but I am filled with awe and admiration.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Culture Bully said...

Though surely this comment doesn't hold a candle (or any other waxy object that smells like razzleberry) to the last comment made on bears, I shall (not so) daringly post it none the less. Bears are blowing up...

1:31 AM  
Blogger Gef said...

That's too funny! But where do you get that info?


My Gay Zone

11:10 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ke guapo esta el de en medio!....

9:17 PM  

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