Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Friend Michael's Blog

If you like reading stuff on the Internet (and if you are here right now that is my sense), you should totally check out my buddy Michael Cavadias’ new blog on the popular Planet Out website. As hinted at in the name of the website, it is for the gays but that shouldn’t stop you from going there and reading Michael’s excellent blog. I am not a gay and I have been reading Michael’s blog for several days now and have yet to become any gayer than I was before I started reading it (admittedly though, as straight guys go, I am kind of a homo). If anything, reading Michael’s blog has only made chicks want to bone me that much more, which is really great for a guy like me, who is so totally not gay it’s not even funny. Anyway, Michael’s blog is about politics and news with an emphasis on, well, gay stuff. But gay stuff should be important to everybody, even totally straight dudes like me, since otherwise George W. Bush and people like him will get their way and nobody- gays or straight- will ever get to have sex again. Other bad stuff will happen too. So anyway, read Michael’s blog or I will stab you.

Dave Hill