Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm not a David Blaine fan by any stretch, but I gotta say there's nothing quite like that magical feeling I get when he starts to cry after he finishes one of his really great magic tricks. I missed it the other night when he tried to hold his breath for a really long time in a bowl full of his own urine, but this picture gives me a pretty good sense of things. And as long as I'm on the topic, why do the other people in the photo have to wear wetsuits? If they need to rescue the really great magician David Blaine from drowning in a bowl of his own urine, couldn't they just stick their are into the pee bowl and grab him or something? I could see rolling up your sleeve, but the wetsuit seems a bit extreme. Anyway, in closing I just wanted to say that if I ever try to hold my breath for a really long time in a bowl full of my own urine and start crying when it's all over, please kick me in the nuts and throw me back in. That ought to teach me a lesson or two! And if there are other people around wearing wetsuits when it happens, please kick them in the nuts too.

Okay, dammit- I have nailed it once again!

Dave Hill


Blogger pluripotentate said...

you missed out on a masterwork of post-9/11 television announcership. i came home from work just at the end of blaine bawling and asked what happened, of my housemate who would watch arnold schwarzenegger get a colonic if it were on the teevee. after dragging me through blaine's entire career, my housemate revealed that he was crying because he had failed to hold his breath for nine minutes, though he had stayed submerged in water (and his own urine!) for a record-setting amount of time. the announcer revealed that blaine had had a very "rough week" and that "no one would question that david blaine has made an incredible achievement."

in the name of domestic harmony, i managed to keep my bewildered horror to: "he seems to be taking it kind of hard."

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