Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Dave Hill Explosion w/special guests Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips from Luna TONIGHT at the UCB Theatre

Attention People of New York City:

This is your man Dave Hill writing to remind you one last time that this Wednesday, May 3 at 9:30pm, my popular nightclub act, the Dave Hill Explosion, will once again be exploding like a motherf*cker at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (located at 307 West 26th Street, just blocks from the Outback Steakhouse of West 23rd Street. Why not make a run for the border before the show?). It is going to be really great, I just know it. Since my last performance, I have done so much revamping, retooling, and general taking of things to the next level that there is even some stuff going on with my show now that I do not even know about. Here is a hint: I bought a donkey. No, just kidding, but if you enjoyed that irreverent comment I just made about buying a donkey then I can pretty much guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the quality of entertainment I intend to deliver for somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-45 minutes straight tomorrow night. I am going to come out there and just generally entertain/f*ck sh*t up so much that by the time it is over you will have no choice but to look at the person next to you and ask Is it just me or did Dave just totally kick each and every one of us in the privates? Then the person to whom your rhetorical question was directed will stare back at you with a look that seems to sugest that their answer is yes. Do not misinterpret this look as an invitation to sex. Not cool, dude, not cool. Anyway, as if all of that is not enough, my guests this Wednesday will be Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips from the legendary rock band LUNA. They are going to come out and play one of their hits and then I will sit them down for a bit of light chit-chat. Dean and Britta will also share with us a clip from Tell Me Do You Miss Me, the Luna documentary that made its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this past Friday, right here in town. Anyway, so that pretty much covers it. I really hope you can make it. Afterwards, a bunch of us usually run out to a local nightspot for a few drinks and conversation that I prefer to remain centered around me. You could totally come if you want. I am cool with it. Just do not get your heart set on face time. That I cannot promise. Anyway, if you want to get some tickets for the show ahead of time, you can do that sort of thing right here.

Dave Hill


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