Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Afternoon And Other Topics

It is Saturday afternoon and I have already committed at least four of the seven deadly sins so far today. I am also out of light bulbs. Other than that I have not been accomplishing as much as I had originally planned. I feel like the next couple hours could be magical though. I am drinking coffee and eating crackers and pretty much anything seems possible. I have a box of Nilla wafers here too but I am on the fence about eating them since I accidentally left them in the bathroom next to the toilet and I am convinced one of my friends might have accidentally peed on them a couple days ago. Pretty soon I am going to have to make a tough decision. Either way, I have learned a life lesson through all of this- never leave Nilla wafers next to the toilet. Nobody wins.

In other news, last night I attended an exciting/confusing event called Blip Festival at the Tank in Chelsea. The Blip Festival involved a bunch of people (mostly dudes) standing in a dark warehouse while people on stage played music that was somehow composed incorporating old-school video game technology. There was also a big lightshow going on the whole time. It was very interesting on one level but also a rare form of torture on another, admittedly larger level that tended to overshadow the other level mentioned earlier in this sentence. Still, despite my not totally “getting it,” I’m always glad to see and hear people getting out the house and doing something different (even if it did nearly give me a seizure). We (meaning all of us) need more of this kind of stuff to happen in order fight the continued lameification of North America. Thanks, Blip Festival- together we can make a difference.

In other news, I meant to mention this earlier but I did manage to get back to my hometown of Cleveland for Thanksgiving. It was good times for the most part despite it being gray outside most of the time and my mother getting food poisoning that took her out of the picture for a couple days (at this point we are blaming the elusive tilapia fish). I hung out with my family and ate stuff and even managed to see a few friends while I was at it.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, I headed over to the Beachland Ballroom to play bass with Cobra Verde for Chas Fest, which was a benefit for my friend Chas who died a few weeks ago unfortunately. Chas and I played together in Cobra Verde for a couple years back in the ‘90’s and early ‘00’s, so it was fun to play with the band again in his honor.

Another highlight of my trip home was hanging out with my friend Bob, who is a full-time police officer and part-time clown. We went and got lunch, he told me about the latest in police work and clown work, and he even let me sit in his police car. It was awesome.

Okay, now I am out of crackers and coffee. It is time to face the truth. I must go for now.

Dave Hill


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