Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Past Few Days In Review

It is Sunday, the Lord’s day, and- as usual- the past couple days have been action-packed with all sorts of mayhem and futuristic behavior. On Friday, a bunch of Brazilian people came over to my apartment with cameras and stuff to interview me for a Brazilian TV show called Lugar Incomum, which I’m told means “unusual place” in English. Given my status as a Z-list celebrity, lately more people have been wanting to interview me on camera and- partly because I am lazy and partly because it forces me to clean my apartment- I have just been having the people bring their cameras over to my house. I can’t tell if it’s a good idea or not to let people see me in my natural habitat like that since it makes it easier for people to find me and kill me if they want to, but for now I am just going with it. It’s kind of like my own episode of “MTV Cribs” every time only all my stuff isn’t beige like everyone on “Cribs.” What is up with that anyway? Every time I see that show it’s always someone with a big house where everything is beige and then they have a bunch of shoes and their very own movie theatre where they hang out and watch crappy movies, often with someone who has a fauxhawk and/or lame tattoos.

Anyway, it was fun being on the Brazilian TV show. The host, the lovely Didi Wagner, would say something in Portuguese into the camera and then turn and talk with me in my native English. I guess they are going to subtitle the English stuff or something. I hope they make me sound cool in Portuguese, maybe even as cool as Giselle or someone from the original lineup of the Brazlian heavy metal group Sepultura. Fingers crossed.

On Thursday night, I busted out an installment of the Dave Hill Explosion at the UCB Theatre over there in Chelsea. It was kind of a crazy show since- for the second time in a row now- the special guest for the evening fled the venue in the interest of their own safety before I was able to bring them onstage. I can’t say I blame them really- my Explosion can be pretty explosive and sometimes I forget to fully brief my guests on the level of incredibleness I am going to be breaking out on people without even trying. Maybe I should hire a producer who wears a headset and everything so they can talk to the guest and let them know they are in a safe place. Until then, I guess I will just have to continue improvising the entire second half of the show, as I’ve done twice in a row now. Man, that will really take it out of you. Still, I’m glad folks have been sticking around for the bloodbath. One guy who saw the show the other night wrote a really great review here. Actually, I can’t really tell if he liked the show at all or not, but I love his description of it. He makes me feel like I’m really going places, even if that place might in fact be straight to hell.

One person who definitely did NOT like my show on Thursday (well, aside from the guest who left, that is) is a guy named Randee, who had this to say about me and my show: “If his Thursday, Nov. 15 gig at Upright Citizens Brigade was any example, he's much funnier on the Internet/in video. Live, there's really not much there, and just about zero actual funny sensibility, just a willingness to run around the stage without his shirt on. That may be enough for some, of course.”

Oh well, I guess I am kind of like Marmite or Hitler in the end- you either love me or hate me. Hopefully that is all I really have in common with Hitler though. We both took art classes at some point in our lives too though now that I am thinking about it. Okay, that makes two things. Let’s stop there. As for Randee, as long as he paid his five bucks to get into the show I am happy.

Speaking of people talking about me on the Internet and also me not being like Hitler, I got a nice mention on Boing Boing the other day. Thanks to Xeni for that. Also, I was totally on the Gibson guitars site right here. Thanks to Shanon for that. I know it’s kind of shameless to mention stuff like this, but after the way that Randee guy tore into me and after comparing myself to Hitler and all I really have to remind myself of the positive things in life.

Okay, that should about do it for now. Until next time, stay out of jail. And oh yeah, the above photos are by Anya Garrett. Do I need to do some situps or what? Good thing mine is not a looks-based operation. Am I right or am I right?

Dave Hill


Blogger Russell said...

Hey Dave. You're funny as hell. You know it and I know it! It takes BIG cajones to get out there and do what you do.

It just takes little cajones to be a critic like that ahole you mention.

Keep up the great work...

10:56 AM  
Blogger mik3cap said...

Dude, Randee's my girl, don't be dissing her!

11:20 PM  
Blogger Russell said...


My apologies to your little lady.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous dave hill said...

wait- so randee can diss me but russell can't diss her?

10:40 AM  
Blogger heetmyser said...

You just know a woman named Randee has a chip on her shoulder. Let it slide.

I appreciate your comedic sensibility. I only wish I knew you well enough to know whether your Sepultura mention here was intended to belittle them.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous dave hill said...

no- i did not intend to belittle sepultura. i am pro-sepultura, especially the original lineup. and i am very pro-metal in general.

war for territory,

7:07 PM  
Blogger mik3cap said...

I blame Lady Bunny for everything. I'm sure you would have been more on your game if she hadn't chickened out, and Randee might not have dissed.

Next time maybe you should bring a guitar and rock out incredible style when you need to cover for cowardly guests. Or do like Letterman does and book second stringer guests and diss them when the better guest stays...

8:43 AM  
Blogger Dave Hill said...

well, having the guest run out did throw me a bit, especially since it happened the show before too. i was a bit exhausted. and wouldn't you know it- it was the first night i didn't bring a guitar to the show. i could have used it. that being said, i'm not really doing my job if at least a few people don't hate it, so i guess it all worked out in the end.

1:33 PM  

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