Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dave Hill Explosion w/Amy Sedaris + Bob Mould TOMORROW at UCBT

Attention People of New York City:

Hello. This is your man Dave Hill. I have to type really fast because I have a serious amount of halfway-dry paper maché going here in my apartment and I have to get back to it before things really go south in here. And what's worse- I am not even sure how much this thing even looks like Washington crossing the Potomac anyway. To be honest, I just feel kind of stupid about the whole thing right now. Anyway, I just wanted to remind you one last time that TOMORROW, Thursday, February 21 at 9:30pm at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre over there in Chelsea, I will once again be exploding all over the place in the form of my futuristic one-man chat/variety/donkey show known to me and several others as the Dave Hill Explosion. As incredible as my Explosions usually tend to be, this one should prove to be even incredibler. Aside from all the incredible stuff I cannot even get into right now (HINT: hornets!), I am having two seriously incredible guests on the program tomorrow- the lovely and talented Amy Sedaris, whom you no doubt know from the hit TV series-turned-movie "Strangers with Candy" and a ton of other stuff besides that stuff; and also the lovely and talented Bob Mould, whom you no doubt know as the former frontman for Hüsker Dü and Sugar and also as a great solo artist. And, of course, my trusty-yet-volatile sidekick Phil will be there. Between Amy, Bob, Phil, and the hornets, I am having trouble even typing right now. Also, my fingers are caked in newspaper and wet flour, which isn't helping either. Anyway, advance tickets for tomorrow's show are sold out, but there will be limited standby tickets available to those who don't mind hanging out in front of Gristede's for a little while. Or you could just rush the theatre not unlike the football hooligans of Europe. Wait- don’t do that. That is negative. Then again, I do like their hair. It's usually so nice and short, like from the '50s or something. You'd think drunkards who pick fights at soccer games would have crazier hair but it's just not the case. Life- will we ever really understand it? Okay, hope to see you tomorrow.

Dave Hill


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