Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flat Eric Carmen

Because I am constantly helping out the youth of America by both deed and example, today I designed/decorated/colored a Flat Stanley for a young fella I know. I used origami paper, a picture from a wig catalog, a marker, and some colored pencils. If you ask me, the Flat Stanley ended up looking a bit like a particularly well-dressed Eric Carmen, lead singer of the great Cleveland pop band the Raspberries. This was unintentional (the Eric Carmen part), yet a bit eerie and exciting (since I am a big Raspberries fan) at the same time. That’s Flat Stanley above. That’s Eric Carmen below. You tell me.

Dave Hill


Blogger Ginny said...

Nice, but it looks more like Austin Powers to me. I'd have to see teeth to be sure.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Dvvsd said...

"Just Cruising by." ...Nice job on the Flat Eric Carmen. ....The Raspberries music "is always so-hard to get, ..why can't they make it readily available to people.???" ...iTunes..etc...

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Nicky Skubal said...

Um, how is that you had a wig catalog laying around?

Have you seen Flat Stanley: The Musical? Just curious.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Heart's Desire Jewelry said...

As I was strolling down a memory lane in Cleveland, I remembered the JP Snodgrass store up at Cedar Center and tried googling images of it. I really wanted to see what the plastic shopping bag looked like. No luck there, but I was jumping from link to link reliving many things I had forgotten about. Once of those things was Eric Carmen and the Raspberries. I was curious what Eric Carmen looked like today and among many other images I found the image of your flat Stanley (I mean Eric). Spot on. Small world. :) Your neighbor from next door, Ann Marie

12:32 AM  

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