Sunday, July 17, 2005

That Bobby

I have just finished watching back-to-back episodes of popular new hit TV series “Being Bobby Brown,” an incredible reality show that chronicles the day-to-day activities of the popular musician and celebrity in general that is Bobby Brown, who just so happens to be married to another musician and celebrity in general, who of course is none other than the headline-grabbing R&B singer and sometime actress Whitney Houston. This is one show that doesn’t skimp on antics of all sorts. Bobby will do something crazy like lift up his shirt in a department store or make some crazy noise for no apparent reason whatsoever and the viewer can’t help but think “Wow- Bobby Brown is both crazy and unpredictable. Is this the result of excessive drug use or is this just how he is naturally? The answer remains unclear to me. One thing is for sure however, Bobby Brown is one subject of controversy that I will not soon tire of.”

As soon as the viewer gets done thinking all of the above, then Bobby Brown’s controversial wife and mother to his children Whitney Houston comes onscreen to say and do things that seem to suggest that she is easily just as crazy and unpredictable as her husband Bobby Brown seems to be. “These two together? I don’t know how they do it! It’s a good thing there is a full camera crew and limited catering staff around at all times to make sure nothing goes completely haywire with these two! Am I right?,” the viewer can’t help but think.

God, I love this show. I hope it comes on again in the next five minutes. If not, I am likely to do something crazy and unpredictable myself! Did I mention that in one scene the Dalai Lama guy shows up from out of nowhere while they are at the airport or something and Bobby Brown and his camera crew run over to him and are all like “Hey, Mr. Lama!”? And then the Dalai Lama looks back at them with a facial expression that seems to suggest he is not sure what to think about Bobby Brown and the people with whom he associates. It is moments like this that make me not want to stop watching this show. Ever! Thank you makers of “Being Bobby Brown.” Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

Dave Hill


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