Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chinese Food And Stuff

It is Tuesday night and I’ve just returned from eating the fuck out of some Chinese food at Mama Buddha, which is the Chinese food place totally near my house. I was hoping to make it to the gym as part of my incredible new fitness regimen, but I ended up eating a big pile of Mongolian chicken instead. Now I feel like anything is possible. Just not for me.

In other news, it is cold as balls outside and I just can’t stop talking about it. I have a super serious winter jacket that I only break out once it’s seriously cold as balls outside. I figured I wouldn’t have to break it out until February or something but boy was I wrong about that because- as I mentioned in the last sentence- it is seriously cold as balls outside. And honestly I simply cannot stop talking about it. I wonder how those guys who sell the Christmas trees all night on the corner near my apartment do it. I also can’t figure out how they have a little kid in a cowboy hat hanging out with them all the time either. Doesn’t he have to go to school? Maybe they are gypsies or in a cult or something. I imagine if you are a gypsy or in a cult you can pretty much do whatever you want (you know, within reason). Oh wait, actually that might not be true if you are in a cult. I hope the kid in the cowboy hat isn’t in a cult. But it must be a pretty cool cult if you get to wear a cowboy hat all the time.

In still other news, today I submitted my spotty and not at all thorough “Best of 2007” music list to the popular Brooklyn Vegan website and they totally posted that shit right here. Go read it and then you can read all the nasty comments people left after my little list. Man, people can be so mean on the Internet! Geez!

Finally, above is one of the more incredible music videos I have seen in a long time. Not surprisingly, it is a Norwegian black metal video as I am a sucker for that sort of thing. This one is by the band Gorgoroth and features sheep heads stuck to the ends of spears, naked men and women nailed to crosses, and lots of fire. In short, the guys in Gorgoroth have pretty much nailed it with this one. When future civilizations try to decide what was the greatest music video of our time, it will pretty much be between this one and Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” video I imagine.

Dave Hill


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