Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dave's Video Vault: Little Michael Jackson And Me

Hello there. Hi. How are you? Anyway, while I am staying busy making all sorts of new and exciting videos in my spare time, I figured I should try shoving some of my older videos in everyone's faces just so they will have stuff to watch on the Internet until I get my new videos all cooked up and ready for the citizens of the Internet. I am just trying to do my part. Anyway, to that end, here is the first installment of "Dave's Video Vault" featuring my groundbreaking and just pretty incredible video in general for the the first episode of "Little Michael Jackson and Me." When I look at this video I realize that, gosh, we were just kids back then, Little MJ and me. Now we can't even get each other on the phone without having ten different agents and managers setting up the call. Sometimes I just want my life back, you know?

Dave Hill


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