Saturday, February 23, 2008

Explosive Explosion With Amy Sedaris And Bob Mould

My Dave Hill Explosion show this past Thursday at the UCB Theatre was lots of fun. My guests were Amy Sedaris and Bob Mould and they were both awesome. Amy showed everybody how to make an eye compress out of a pair of pantyhose and some beans (pinto or navy I think) and taught me how to pretend that somebody just punched my teeth out, which is a pretty great trick. Bob Mould played “Again and Again” from his awesome new album “District Line,” which you should totally go out and by, and then sat down for a fun interview with me and Amy. My buddies Phil and Alex (aka Little Michael Jackson) were there to make the magic happen too. There’s a nice review of the show here. Video of the show should be up on the site soon. I'll keep your ass posted.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil's floating head is a delight to behold. He looks like the bad side of Amy's personality.

xx JCE

1:27 PM  

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