Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dave Hill Explosion w/Moby + Walter Schreifels + Doug Gillard THIS THURSDAY at UCB

Attention People of New York City:

Hello. This is your man Dave Hill with something you will never see coming. I am doing my seriously good Dave Hill Explosion show again. I know, I know- just let that sink in for a second. Okay, now let's keep moving. Anyway, the Explosion I make reference to is happening THIS THURSDAY, October 16, at 9:30pm at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the same place I pretty much always do it but for purposes of clarity I am mentioning here all over again as is my wont. As I sit here this morning, half-cocked on gimlets, reeking of camphor, and covered from head to toe in duct tape residue, I am reminded that sometimes in life you just have to go for it, which is exactly what I intend to do this Thursday when I explode like a motherf#@ker at my explosive Explosion show. Talk about good times- I have pretty much nailed it this time around, so much in fact that this Explosion is going to make all the other ones look like I was just practicing, not unlike a great Samurai warrior (a kind of warrior that practiced warrior stuff all the time until he was so good at being a warrior that it was actually kind of ridiculous). The Samurai felt that the path of the warrior was one of honor and I simply could not agree more. That is still not going to stop me from taking my shirt off during my show though. You paid five bucks- you deserve a show. Anyway, I really hope you can make it this Thursday. Joining me on the show for a record third time is none other than musician, DJ, and tea magnate Moby as well as singer/songwriter/rock warrior Walter Schreifels, whom you no doubt know from such legendary New York bands as Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert and probably some other bands I do not even know about. Filling in for my irreplaceable and irascible sibebitch Phil, who is away fulfilling community service hours but will be back soon unless the DA can come up with the prints, will be Mr. Doug Gillard, whom you no doubt know from the popular rock band Guided by Voices. All of this for just five bucks and whatever falls out of your pockets. You can get tickets right here.

Dave Hill


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