Saturday, October 18, 2008

Night Sharks, Explosions, And Other Topics

It’s been an action-packed past couple weeks. I’ll get into all of that stuff in a second, but before that I would like to urge you to watch the f@#k out of the video above, which is a futuristic music video for the Children of the Unicorn (AKA one of my scorching hot rock bands) song “Night Shark.” It pretty much has everything. Thanks to the fine folks at Disposable Television for making the whole thing a sharkriffic reality. I hope you enjoy it so much.

Okay, now back to the action-packed past couple weeks. This past Thursday, I did my world-famous Dave Hill Explosion show over there at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea. As Explosions go, I felt a bit off my game (whatever that is) but I had fun time with my excellent guests Moby and Walter Schreifels, who did renditions of Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” and Gorilla Biscuits “Cats and Dogs” respectively. My usual sidebitch Phil was off rocking somewhere in Massachusetts with his heavy metal tribute to the Bee Gees, Tragedy, so I got my friend Doug Gillard (a/k/a guitar player for Guided by Voices) to sit in on the action as my one-man house band. He nailed that shit. Brooklyn Vegan did a nice writeup of the show here and even Moby himself blogged about it right here. And as long as we’re on the topic, I have to give praise to Moby for his new “cock saddle” mustache. It’s pretty solid.

The week before this past week, I broke out my first-ever Philadelphia Explosion, which- while poorly attended due to the Phillies being the playoffs that night, Yom Kippur ending that night, and my general lack of popularity in that town in general- was still relatively explosive. My guests that night, Adam Gertler from the Food Network’s new show “Will Work For Food” and rocking rock band the Capitol Years, were great. It is only a matter of time before I completely rule that town. I can feel it, dammit, like, for real. Twelve Philadelphians can’t be wrong.

After invading Philadelphia, I headed on down to DC for more good times. It was there that I spotted the car above, which is arguably the most birdshit-covered car I have ever seen in the new millennium (there was an incident in ‘86).

Another impressive sight in DC was the sign above that I spotted in front of a restaurant in Chinatown. Apparently it’s a positive review of the restaurant in the Washington, DC City Paper. I like how they included the cover of the issue the review was in and how it says “Nice Ass!” real big. Now that’s how you sell noodles.

Okay, I am about to have a seizure induced from sleep deprivation and too much adult beverages. Nap time for Dave. I love you.

Dave Hill


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