Thursday, January 05, 2006

Night Of 1000 Davids (Or At Least Two), Monday, Jan. 9 at Mo' Pitkins at 7pm. Please come. Dammit.

Attention People Of New York City:

I just wanted to let you know that on Monday, January 9, at 7pm, my friend David Rakoff and I are going to be putting on a little something we like to call Night Of 1000 Davids (Or At Least Two), which we could just as easily be calling pretty much the f#@king sweetest thing that has ever happened ever because that is exactly what it is going to be. Anyway, Night Of 1000 Davids (which is what David and I sometimes call it to save time and stuff) is going to go down at Mo’ Pitkins., the happening new nightspot located at 34 Avenue A between 2nd and 3rd streets in the heart of Alphabet City (or just on the edge of it depending on whom you ask).

The way this whole thing came together is that every Monday night, the people at Mo Pitkins put on something called the Reader’s Room where people who write stuff read some stuff they wrote in front of a bunch of people and then there is clapping. Since David is a f#@king sweet writer (you probably know this already, but he wrote such popular books at FRAUD and DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE and is on National Public Radio so much that they should just get it over with already and call it National Rakoff Radio or something. He also recently made the Forbes Magazine Top 12 List of Most Boneable Writers. He is also a guest on Letterman tonight. For real.), they called him up and were all like “Hey, David- we are done messing around and want to have the best night of reading ever by having you come over here and read stuff. Will you do it?” He said yes and then called my ass up and was all like “Hey, do you wanna do this thing with me?” I was like “Totally.” I mean, it is not like I have any books out or anything but that is just because the big book companies have yet to invent a font that can handle the kind of sh*t I am cranking out on a daily basis.

So anyway, so David and I were all set to show up at Mo Pitkins and just read the f#@k out of a few things but then we were all like why not do a bunch of other stuff on top of that? And thus Night Of 1000 Davids (Or At Least Two), the awesome show in which David and I are going to read the f#@k out of a few things and then do a bunch of other stuff on top of that, was born. As you read this, David and I are plotting and planning a night of entertainment that is so exciting we have to keep an oxygen tank on hand just to able to even talk about it with each other.

You should come. It is free.

Your man,
Dave Hill


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