Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tequila, Sammy Hagar, Afghan Hounds, Life.

I was in a liquor store with a friend the other day. The friend was buying something. I was just looking. Lately, I have taken an interest in tequila and have been checking out the various brands. Lest you think that being festive and drinking lots of tequila is my new thing for 2006 or something, rest assured that I don’t necessarily even like tequila all that much. I’m more into the fermentation process and how tequila is made of Mexican plants and stuff. Plus, really good tequila tends to come in really cool bottles, so there’s that too. I am going to try to start liking it more, just so I can start having some of those really cool bottles around the house. Who knows- maybe I will even become really good friends with Sammy Hagar or something (In case you don’t know, the Van Hagar frontman has his own brand of tequila- Cabo Wabo- that is quite popular with fans of higher-end tequila. I’ve had it and it’s good stuff. The Cabo Wabo bottle is kind of cool too. Still, it’s hard not to think of Sammy while drinking it. This is either a positive or negative depending on your stance on the self-proclaimed “Red Rocker.” Personally, I’m not a fan of his music. However, I can’t help but admire his joie de vivre as well as his apparent inability to drive the speed limit.).

Also, while I was not buying anything at the liquor store, I happened upon a book called “A Collection of Afghan Hound Rescue Stories.” It was just sitting there on top of one of the wine shelves. I didn’t open the book so I’m not sure whether the stories in the book were about people rescuing Afghan Hounds or Afghan Hounds rescuing people. I have played the scenarios out both ways in my head over and over the last few days and prefer to think the book is about Afghan Hounds that rescue people. Otherwise the book would probably just have a lot of bitching in it or something. The Afghan Hounds have already got it bad enough what with their looking all crazy and all. It’s not like they need a whole book about how people are constantly saving their asses in times of Afghan distress.

Getting back to the tequila though. My friend Andy was telling me the other day that the agave plant that tequila comes from is in short supply at the moment and- as a result- there may be a tequila shortage in the very near future. If you are planning on living your life like Sammy Hagar any time soon, you’d better stock up now. I’m just saying.

Dave Hill


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