Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dave Hill Explosion In Review- March 15th Edition

Thanks to all the nice folks who come out for the Dave Hill Explosion this past Wednesday. It was a sold out show at the UCB Theatre and it was- as far as I can tell anyway- good times had by all. Some nice lady even gave me some delicious chocolate after the show. I have the feeling she may have brough it for Martha Wainwright and then gave it to me after Martha declined, but I could be wrong about that one. Anyway, it was delicious. Thank you mystery chocolate-giving lady. Also, thanks to the Apiary for these nice photos of my guests Martha Wainwright, Moby, and Little Michael Jackson (who is easily one of the best Latino dwarf Michael Jackson impersonators I have ever witnessed firsthand).

Dave Hill


Blogger kill secretary kill said...

The growth of Latino dwarf Michael Jackson impersonators is staggering.

- Michele

12:44 PM  

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