Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yesterday In Review

Yesterday I bought a box of Lucky Charms, one of the popular cereals of my youth. I treat myself to a box of the sugary and delicious breakfast snack every few months or so with the idea that I will have a bowl “every once in a while.” As soon as I get the box home, however, I tend to eat about three bowls a day until it’s entirely gone (this usually take about one and a half days). Anyway, I guess Lucky Charms are popular for a reason. And while I was initially weary of the advancements made with the various colored marshmallows that come in the cereal (they are multicolored now instead of each individual marshmallow just being one solid color- purple moons, green clovers, pink hearts, yellow stars, etc.), I am now totally into them. I can’t really identify any of the flavors I am tasting as something that might occur in nature, but I do know delicious when I taste it so I just keep on shovelling it in. I think I will balance things out by eating nothing but sugarless bran cereal all next week or something. Or maybe I’ll just get Cocoa Krispies. Tough call. I will keep you updated on these and other events.

In other news, last night I performed with my friend Walter Schreifels and Spanky Van Dyke at 323 West Broadway, a happening nightspot run by my friend and fellow Cleveland Height youth hockey player, Charlie. It was good times. I got the night started by coming on stage and reading one of my exciting poems and then showing a couple videos on a big screen, specifically the fashion week video mentioned in a previous entry and my world not-so-famous pug video. I’d never done my comedy type stuff at a music show before (though I realize it is quite the trendy thing to do these days), so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the Me vs. The Crowd dynamic. People seemed to dig it though and I wasn’t pelted with anything, so I am putting it in the win column for now.

After I finished generally entertaining, Spanky Van Dyke rocked the people with a acoustic guitar and harmonica and people- myself included- were digging that shit. He’s got some solid-ass tunes.

The main event of the evening, of course, was Walter rocking the people in the solo acoustic format. By the time he went on, the place was jam-packed with all sorts of folks ready to have their asses rocked. Walter delivered too, playing in the neighborhood of twenty songs, including some new solo stuff and songs from his many bands- Walking Concert, Rival Schools, Quicksand, and Gorilla Biscuits. He played an awesome show and good times were had by all. I’m heading to Europe to tour with Walter for a couple weeks in March, so if you happen to live over there, prepare to get kicked in the nuts and/or other vulnerable region.

Okay, time for crunch class.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am EXACTLY the same with sweet cereals. I think we should marry because I also like all kinds of flavours of ice cream, except there would never be a day we didn't have to buy more (of both products).

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