Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Baby Jesus Potato

You heard it here first: I am currently in possession of a potato that looks exactly like the baby Jesus. I imagine I will be going on a press junket to discuss and show off the baby Jesus potato in the very near future, but for now I can tell you that it is in fact a real potato and has not been altered in any way. The potato looks exactly like the baby Jesus swaddled in actual potato skin. I am not exactly sure why I have been chosen to be the recipient of the baby Jesus potato, but I am pretty excited about it and am ready to take on the many responsibilities that go along with being the caretaker of an actual potato that looks exactly like the baby Jesus. Please feel free to contact me here for inquiries and interviews and to also schedule a personal visit with the baby Jesus potato. However, you cannot touch, boil, fry, scallop, or do anything else to the baby Jesus potato other than look at it and marvel at it and then maybe leave a cash offering or something. Let's just get that out of the way right now because if you bring it up in person when you visit the baby Jesus potato I will totally not be "having it."

Dave Hill


Anonymous Lars said...

Im telling you, they exist. See for yourself

7:56 AM  

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