Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Senior Fun House Correspondent

I spent a little time curled up with my photo albums this evening and happened upon this snapshot of me hanging with my close personal friend, Senior White House Correspondent Helen Thomas. We’ve had some pretty wild times together over the years, HT (my pet name for her) and me, but I’ll perhaps always remember this night the best (even though much of it still remains a blur- for both of us! You know what I’m talking about, HT!). We had spent the entire day together plowing through tag sales and- after pulling a couple outfits together for ourselves at the last minute- shuffled off to this gala for someone or another (half the time we never knew who the parties were for! We’d just show up and if the door guy gave us any trouble we’d just tell him to talk to the hand!). Anyway, this time around HT and I spent half the night camped out next to the shrimp cocktail station, stuffing our faces and slamming back glass after glass of a little something HT liked to call the “Instant Genius” (10 parts vodka, one part ice, served in a dirty glass). Anyway, fast forward to about 3 AM when HT and I somehow find ourselves out back and stumble upon a big box of fireworks, a bottle of Grand Marnier, and an abandoned golf cart. You figure out the rest. Good times, HT, good times. Next time we’ll leave the huevos rancheros to the professionals! Ha- sorry folks, that is a joke only HT would get. Then again, it’s not like I care. It’s mine and HT’s world- you’re just living in it.

Dave Hill


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