Thursday, February 23, 2006

Great Moments In American History

As much as I hate 95% of everything, I stumbled upon this video of Hüsker Dü playing on the Joan Rivers Show in '86 or '87 and remembered that sometimes excellent things do happen in our culture. Bob and the guys played "Could You Be The One?" and then sat down with Joan for a delightfully awkward interview in which you can see Bob Mould wearing a lot of makeup for the cameras. I remember seeing this live when I was a youngster and thinking Joan Rivers had the coolest talk show ever for the simple fact that she had these guys on the show. Since then- and this is the namedroppy portion of this entry- I've met both Bob Mould and Joan Rivers on a few occasions and had the chance to tell both of them just how much this magical moment meant to me. I hope I didn't creep them out too much. Anyway, watch this video now and share the magic with me. And then go out and buy all of Hüsker Dü's records (and Sugar and Bob Mould records too, except for "Modulate," which I'm still pissed off about) and improve your life in the process.

Dave Hill


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