Saturday, July 15, 2006

As Long As We're On The Topic Of Stuff That Is Just Plain Delicious

Yesterday I went with my friend Matt to the popular new Fairway market/grocery store type place in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Matt was going away for the weekend and wanted to load up on going-away-for-the-weekend type foods, like chips and dips and assorted meats and stuff like that. I was extremely hung over and thought hanging out in a fancy grocery store might help distract me from my overwhelming desire to be dead. (I went out the night before and accidentally drank a bunch of tequila and vodka, both of which I rarely drink but for some reason or another I thought it was a really good idea at the time. I alienated a bunch of people in the process. I guess that’s sometimes what it takes to learn some of life’s lessons. My apologies to the handful of people who will probably never talk to me again or at least not invite me anywhere. Also, please note in general that I don’t advocate the party lifestyle, kids, even though- to be fair- it does have its moments).

Anyway, at the grocery story I was pretty excited by all the fancy food they had there. They had a pretty impressive array of cheeses, which I was pretty into. Still, I lack the necessary maturity and sophistication to shop for high end cheese on my own so I decided to totally not buy any high end cheese. Instead I bought a rack of ready-to-eat BBQ ribs (delightful), some potato chips (an adventure pick- I almost never buy these), and some sort of fruit beverage that I thought might help cure my hangover (It didn’t). Since I am watching Matt’s dog for the weekend, he bought my food for me, which was really nice of him.

The most exciting food item I stumbled upon at Fairway was Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix (pictured above). At just $2.19 a box, it was pretty much priced to move. I tried to talk Matt into buying it for his getaway weekend, but he wasn’t into it. Given my compromised state and all, it seemed like something I couldn’t really handle at the moment but I was still pretty excited about it just in principle. After all, I really like those Butterfinger candy bars and I really like hot chocolate, so it only stands to reason that I would seriously be loving that Butterfinger Hot Cocoa stuff. Maybe when the cold weather comes and I am no longer near death, I can get it together to pick up a box or two and invite a few friends over for a delicious Butterfinger-flavored beverage. Talk about a recipe for good times. I just nailed it.

Dave Hill