Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hold Up, Girl- Just Let Me Explain

I know it’s sad and desperate of me to out myself as the person who asked the question below, but really I have nothing better to do today. Anyway, this is from Lloyd Grove’s column in the Daily News this morning. For the record though, I never referred to Anna Wintour as a fucking bitch. So, Anna, if you’re reading this, don’t believe it. You know I love you. I may have called you a crazy bitch, but that’s something entirely different and you know it, girl. Anyway, this from Lloyd:

"Snark Attack!

Radar, the online magazine, hired a camera crew to do wacky man-on-the-street interviews for Fashion Week - including, I hear, asking Russian heiress Anna Anisimova and PR exec Jonathan Cheban the preposterous question: "Did you hear Anna Wintour brought a box cutter into Diane von Furstenberg? That's because Anna Wintour is a f-ing b-." The speechless duo fled, and yesterday Radar editor Maer Roshan advised: "You'll have to take it up with Anna - she knows what she did." Box cutter? Heh, heh."

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next post - please speak english. Most of your hard core fans don't follow fashion week.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Mark Davis said...

You're just too edgy for main stream media.

12:57 AM  
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