Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interview With Me, Dave Hill, On The Popular MarriageDoesntSuck.com Website

If you find yourself with some spare time on your hands (and, once again, if you are reading this right now that would appear to be the case. I mean, no offense- I’m glad you’re reading this and all. I’m just saying.) you should totally go here and listen to this interview I just did with Sage and Hella, who are both married and do a popular Internet radio show called Marriage Doesn’t Suck. It’s pretty much just me rambling with them about assorted topics, but if you are feeling really alone today and want to not feel alone, well, maybe this is the perfect solution for you. Or you could just listen to music or something. Really it’s up to you. I’m just putting it out there. You seem so nice.

Dave Hill


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