Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thin Lizzy Sunday

It’s Sunday, a good day for coffee-drinking and laundry-doing and whatnot. I am drinking coffee and was thinking about doing laundry but then was all like “Fuck it- I’ll do that shit tomorrow or something. Dave’s got too much living to do today.”

Anyway, speaking of living and whatnot, here is an awesome song and video by Thin Lizzy, one of the greatest bands of all time hands down. The song, “The Rocker,” is much longer on the album and has lots more sweet shredding, but this version still rocks balls and is probably my favorite song by the band from their days as a trio, before they got the twin guitar action happening and just stepped all over everyone’s nuts once and for all. The guitar player in this video is Gary Moore, who is awesome. However, it should be noted that he is faking it in this video because this song was actually played in the studio by Eric Bell, Thin Lizzy’s elusive first guitarist who left the band in 1973 because the rock-n-roll lifestyle was beating him down like a motherfucker. Big mistake, Eric.

Dave Hill


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