Monday, October 09, 2006

The Dave Hill Explosion In Review

As hinted at in the Scandinavian press, last Thursday I had another one of my Dave Hill Explosions happen at the UCB Theatre here in New York City. It was fun and crazy times. My guests were Sandra Bernhard and Joan Wasser, both of whom were amazing in very different ways. Sandra came out and just started tearing it up, so much in fact that I think some audience members were a bit frightened at times. I was admittedly a little scared a couple times myself, but I loved her completely. As you probably guessed, the photo above is of me and Sandra chatting and whatnot. Thanks to the lovely Lady Bunny for that photo as well as the excellent one below. Speaking of whom, I am hoping to have Lady Bunny on my show in December, so brace yourselves.

Joan Wasser was incredible too. She played two songs on piano, “Real Life” and “The Ride,” and I was loving that shit big time. Her songs are beautiful and she is beautiful- all and all a deadly combination for someone like me, who is defenesless against such things. Anyway, you can hear Joan here. I am going to see her play tomorrow night at Tonic and am pretty excited about that shit.

Also on the show last Thursday was Little Michael Jackson, who once again took things to the next level (I don’t have a photo of him but you can get a taste of the magic here) and Starlet, a gravity-defying Chihuahua belonging to my friend Holly, who runs a small dog rescue operation (the dogs are small- I cannot speak to the size of the rescue operation as I do not really know) called Waggytail Rescue that I encourage you to support however you can. Who knows- maybe you’ll even get a sweet little dog out of it. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, it probably wouldn’t be able to moonwalk or anything, but still.

Dave Hill


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