Friday, September 22, 2006

Here Is Something I Did For The Popular Channel Current TV

Here is something I did for the popular new channel Current TV, which is on cable television and somehow Al Gore-related, which is great. You have to watch the video for a minute or so and then I come on and just totally make it happen. Actually, I haven't watched it yet but just got e-mailed this link and figured I'd put it out there. I am sitting in a cafe type place near my house and I don't have headphones so I haven't had a chance to watch it properly. But I hope you enjoy it. It looks pretty good with the sound off. I'm hoping it is just as good with the sound on. Oh yeah, the story is on people who want English to be the only language in the United States. And as a bit of trivia about the piece, it was shot on the Mexican border in Palominas, Arizona. I could see actual Mexicans from where I was sitting. Also, I forgot to put sunscreen on my arms and they got burned up like a motherfucker. Dammit. Okay, so anyway, you can watch the piece here. Also, if you could subscribe to the site and whatnot and then give the video a really high rating you'd be helping me and America out immensely.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave--the link isn't working. yahoo says the video is no longer available.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good and you are hot. Norb Americana: Where American is going? (It will become clear from 1:15).

10:56 PM  

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