Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Upstairs Neighbor Bought Bongos

Just when I thought my upstairs neighbor couldn’t possibly be any more annoying, he has apparently gone out and bought himself a set of bongos and has thus found yet another way to bug the shit out of me aside from watching war movies in quadrophonic sound and listening to really crappy music super loud. Of course it could be that he simply has a bongo player visiting his apartment but either way the result is the same- some jackass is playing bongos in the apartment above me and it’s driving me insane. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you yourself play bongos or you are simply friends with some dude who plays bongos- either way it makes you an a-hole in my book unless the bongo player in question is some old Cuban guy or something. I might let it slide in that case. Otherwise though fuck it- if you play bongos in the vicinity of me I am going to stab you. Vibe out on your own time, dude. It doesn’t sound better with a little percussion. Everybody hates you.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went camping with a large group of co-workers once and one of them had a bongo. we got kicked out of the campground because of more than one complaint. we deserved it.

i hope your upstairs bongo belongs to a senile old cuban guy who doesn't even actually know your neighbor. just passing through on his rounds and such.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Do you hate bongos? Well, we have our opinions. But me, I love to hear the sound of bongos. In fact, I am looking forward of learning on how to play bongos.:D

1:15 AM  

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