Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tig Notaro And Friends TONIGHT w/Tig, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Kevin Williams, and Me

Here is something to tell all the kids about. Tonight I am going to be on a show called "Tig Notaro and Friends" at a place called Heathers on East 13th Street between Avenues A and B here in the Big City at 8pm. Talk about good times- this is an example of that. As hinted at in the title, my close personal friend Tig Notaro, who is pictured above and was also on Comedy Central's Premium Blend once and pretty much won't shup up about it, has put together a delightful night of entertainment that features her, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Kevin Williams, and, yes, me, Dave Hill. It is only five bucks. How about that? You should come. It will be fun. Also, I will kick you in the nuts if you don't come. Dammit.

Dave Hill


Anonymous blues said...

Tig is a psychopath and she will be found out very soon.

3:02 AM  

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