Thursday, May 24, 2007

There Is No Escape

I was out for a jaunt in the neighborhood this morning when I happened upon the cab in the photo above. As you can clearly see, that ad on top of the cab features a photo of me in my starring role on the hit TV series “The King of Miami with Dave Hill,” playing now on the futuristic Mojo network. It is the second cab featuring a photo of me, Dave Hill, on top of it that I have encountered in the last 24 hours. I want my life back. Actually not really. Anyway, I think the cab driver was kind of weirded out by having me walk up to his car and snap this photo with my phone. I didn’t want to tell him that there was a photo of me on top of his cab because I know Anthony Hopkins probably doesn’t pull that kind of crap. I wanted to play it cool, take the photo, and then run home and blog about it endlessly in hopes that someone, anyone would read it and think that I somehow make a difference in this vast universe because I am on television, dammit. Um, okay, anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system.

After I happened upon the cab that totally had a photo of me on top of it, I continued on my way back home. I stopped off to buy a couple bananas from a street vendor and quickly at the fuck out of those things. Now I am doing laundry and cleaning up my apartment because my friend Tim is visiting for a couple days and I want to create the illusion that I don’t live in squalor all of the time (which I pretty much do, though- to be fair- it is a glamorous and tasteful kind of squalor of my own design that just so happens to smell nice too). Later I will open up the Inside Joke show at the UCB Theatre (featuring guest Steve Guttenberg!) and then probably go out and drink something or another even though the medical community advises me otherwise. As for you, I hope you have a wonderful day. You seem nice.

Dave Hill


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