Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blowing The Whistle On Vital Dent! (Alternate Title: Vital Don't!)

Normally I don’t like to get all Carl Monday on people’s asses but- dammit- there is bullshit afoot and I must expose it. Here’s the story:

About a year ago, I walked into one of those Vital Dent places they have all over Manhattan. Unlike most dental offices, they operate out of storefronts and take walk-in customers. They offer a free check-up and cleaning with your first visit and then if you need more stuff done you have to pay for it. Since I hadn’t been to the dentist in about five years at this point (I am a disgusting and negligent person) and didn’t yet have a dentist in New York City, I figured walking into Vital Dent might be a good idea. I could get a free cleaning and figure out what other crazy shit might be going on. It was gonna be sweet.

The people at Vital Dent seemed nice and stuff. They checked out my teeth and X-rayed them and stuff and I was having a generally nice time. The bad news came when the dentist finally came in and told me they found six cavities that would need to be filled at a cost of about $1600. Also, since my teeth were so dirty, they refused to do the free cleaning because it wouldn’t really help much. Since I was broke at the time, I just left and figured I’d get the cavities fixed someday when I had some more loot.

Yesterday (approximately a year after my visit to Vital Dent) I decided to finally visit a dentist again. This time I went to my friend Chris’ dentist on Washington Square Park. I figured it was gonna be a bad day since I knew I had at least six cavities going for me already and probably more since another year had passed and all. The hygienist X-Rayed my teeth and cleaned them. It was a relatively painless process aside from gagging a couple times on those weird things you have to hold in your mouth during the X-Ray taking. Also, interestingly she told me that my teeth were in pretty good shape even though it had been so long since I’d had my teeth cleaned.

After the hygienist finished working her magic, the dentist came in and said “Well, I didn’t find anything.” I waited for him to finish that sentence with “except for twelve cavities” but he didn’t so I was all like “But what about the six cavities Vital Dent said I had?” He assured me that I had no cavities and laughed at the mention of Vital Dent, explaining that Vital Dent makes their money by filling cavities that don’t exist.

So I guess the moral of the story is that the Vital Dent people are lying liars who prey upon people like me who don’t know any better (actually maybe that’s not so much a moral but just what happened). Fortunately I was broke at the time and didn’t let them fill my fake cavities. I guess what I am trying to say is that Vital Dent can suck it. Motherfuckers trying to take Dave Hill’s money and shit. They better watch it or I might kick them in the nuts and then bite them with my healthy teeth. Fuckers are going down.

Dave Hill


Anonymous eliza said...

It's not just Vital Dent! I had this happen with the supposedly reputable dentist my insurance company assigned me years ago - after no cavities ever in my life, suddenly I had 7. They said I would have to come back 4 times to have them all drilled and filled, and started immediately with two. After having the 2 done, I flipped out and went to a second dentist to get another opinion. I had no cavities at all, and 2 useless fillings.

9:44 AM  
Blogger darling24_7 said...

Thats sounds like a near miss to me. Glad you didnt go through with that place.

Cheers :)

2:40 PM  
Blogger Tery Spataro said...

Wow can't even trust the dentist trade now. Thanks for sharing. Glad your teeth are in good shape.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VitalDent is simply bad news. They took money for my orthodontic treatment (braces) up front, yet since then I had found it almost impossible to schedule follow-up appointments, and the materials they used were of such poor quality that the brackets started to come off just a week after having them put in. The worst thing is that the dentists they've got working for them are good - it's the business that is so wrong. Their receptionists are incompetent, the managers have no understanding of dentistry, and the whole place is run like a McDick's. Please, stay away from VitalDent. Pay a few hundred bucks more and get a real dentist in a real dental clinic. The grief they've caused me is just not worth the money I thought I was saving.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, it saved me pain and money....

9:53 AM  




Many of you might not know this, but vital dent is also a franchise in miami.... I am a local floridian. Have been living here for over 30 years. I went to one of the vital dents here and experienced no different from what im reading here on this blog, and by that i mean all the negative comments left by innocent patients. ALL VITAL DENTS IN MIAMI ARE A SCAM!!! First they start by sending you flyers on the mail about a free cleaning and a free consultation, but once you get there the doctor tells you that "you cannot get the free cleaning because you need a deeper cleaning first!!"...which by the way costs $850 dollars!! FALSE ADVERTISING!! then they run your credit without your conscent for some "care credit" bull-shit loaning company with the excuse that: "you can start your treatment today and pay every month with no interests for 1 year..." but what these asswholes dont tell you is that they charge the whole amount of your Treatment as soon as you get approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meaning they get money into their accounts illegaly and you are thousands of dollars in debt without even knowing so...!!! these fuckers scamed me out of $8,000 dollars without my approval!! next thing i know is collectors are calling my home and my cellphone and a bill demanding payment every month for a treatment I havent even started !! My credit is now ruined thanx to these lying pigs that call themselves a "trusted european franchise"...!!! bull-shit!! ...more like a scam maquerating as a dental office they are nothing but a bunch of lying pigs that are only after your money and that could care less about your dental health or how they will put you in financial ruin!!!!!!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger Chris K said...

I don't know you from Adam (he's a very nice guy), but bastards at Vital Dent still owe me $600. I was calling them twice a day for a while, but their representative was so surprisingly never in her office right when I called. Really, hmm. Is that so. Good to know that the cavities they told me about actually existed (not as many as they said, but they were right about some of them).

4:21 PM  
Blogger joshua said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have a bunch of people in upper management that have no clue how to operate a dental office. They have a misconception that all locations should run the same way and that there way of running a dental office is always the right way. Patients are not just a profit. It is all about treating the patients with respect and explaining treatments to the best of there ability and go through the explanations of the financial options available.
I seem to hear that the company after making the closes of multiple offices around nyc and just stating that it was underconstruction which is bull****. It was just mismanagement on the corporate offices part. They destroy lives of most whom work for them they are just as bad as all of those other dental office groups that opened in nyc and closed in the past. You cannot bring Spanish (Spain) business mentality and make it work here in the USA. But dont tell that to the corporate office. They know better of course.
Jan 2008--From what i hear, lastly all franchise locations may now be being sold back to the corporate location probably being pressured to sell back due to having their offices under the franchisee ownership run better.
So therefore I would be hesitant to start any big treatment plans for you may one day go in for an appointment and be told that the office is no longer in operation and that there is no competent personel to answer questions. I dont trust Vitaldent's upper management or those in the corporate office . They will likely lose their jobs once the president from Spain makes a decision to permanently shut all of the offices down.
Take it from a once very proud ex employee. Vitaldent should just finish their patients treatment plans and take their ship back to Spain. There were many great people working for them most were let go ,many left on their own before the s**t hit the fan. I do feel bad for all the good patients out there that trusted in us to get the job done for them. I hope all of there worries were resolved.
P.S.-Thanks for blacklisting me from working for anyone else. It was the best thing you could have done for me.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work at Vital Dent. Part of the training we had to actually sit through a first visit. The dentist told me I had 4cavities and pretty much have been worried about it for about 1 year. Well they closed down most of their Ny facilities so all the the NY corp. employees were let go (as soon as my benefits kicked in). I am at a new job doing amazing. I just had my teeth checked by my dentist and surprisingly, I had no cavities! Vital Dent is so bad they will even try to rip off their own employees! There was even an incident where one of the dentists was drunk! This place is so mismanaged it pathetic.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Karina said...

I went to Vital Dent for the location and 'reputation'. I needed Invisaligns and paid cash. They offered to get me financing but I dont like those things and paid cash. Four months after starting my 8 month treatment, they closed my office. I was fine with going to another office except on the day of my appointment, my chart was nowhere to be found. I waisted my day going there and noone was able to help me. Note: Invisalign requires a new tray every two weeks and noone knew where my trays were! After noone helped me, I contacted the corporate office. For the first three weeks, I spoke to the 'secretary' who knew nothing about anyone who worked there, not when they would be in, when would they get back to me, etc. Finally I flipped out and let her know I was done talking to the secretary about my refund and trays. (Note: I was charged for 12 visits but ultimately only needed 8; The office closed after 4 visits; I need a refund for 8 visits @ $200 per = $1600) Finally, I spoke to Kan (or whatever his name is cause he gave me two completely different names) who was just as stupid as the secretary. He told me he would look for my parts (yeah right) and would process my refund. That was almost two weeks ago and he does not call me when he said he will nor does he return my calls. I heard they are going out of business and I fear I will never get my money back, for the visits and for the trays they lost. Vital Dent sucks. No wonder they are going out of business with practices like these. If I had taken a loan, like they suggested, I would be in the same situation trying to get my money back. Don't go there! Stick to local dentists with good local reputations. Once Vital dent goes out of business, how can you get your money back??!

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHMIGOD am I glad I googled the place before I made the same mistake. Thank you all for sharing!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

called Vital Dent for teeth whitening which costs about 500 dollars... the staff informed me that I must have a checkup and cleaning prior to the whitening procedure... Explained to them that I do not have dental insurance and just would have to pay cash and besides I am not due for a checkup/cleaning as yet... They were basically trying to get me to pay for other services that I didn't need. Needless to say, they lost my business as I am going elsewhere for get my teeth whitened for less the cost and don't need to have a routine checkup...

8:44 PM  
Blogger Curtis Chorizali said...

i've had 2 procedures done at vital dent on 14th st in manhattan. i really have no complaints about them. weird that you all do.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe all that I'm reading all of your stories are mine, I walked in one day to the one on Forest Hills, was convinced that I needed more work coulldn't get the free cleaning they were advertising. I did the care credit thing I was charged close to $ 2000 I started the cleaning, I had many cavities according to them and I was suppose to have my wisdom teeth pull out. Almost a year later I only did two fillings and one side cleaning, the one on forest hill closed down, they told me from that office that my record and credit will be tranfer to the one in astoria queens, I schedule an appointment for today, but someone at the office called me and told me they don't have my record, which I was told they did, when I tried to see them a couple of weeks ago. I was told to contact vital dent, based on what I've been reading, I'm sure I was duped, never again. I'm thinking about calling Howard from HELP ME HOWARD from channel 9, let me know what you guys think out there, call me Red

11:27 AM  
Blogger babak said...

well , I am a dr who worked in vital dent and I hated their system, couse some uneducated people form( spain) who donot even speak english( i mean not at all) try to run the office,,Most doctors that I meet were nice,(not all) , but you guys need to read the ads (free cleaning is for health gum, not a gum with peridontits and also you do need a cleaning before whiting your teeth) so if your are not educated about dentisty stop writing these comments that you didnot need the failing , couse you dont know,,but they are a bad compony, and I thing all dental office chains like (pacfic dentl, vital dent, gental smile etc... ) must be closed , couse they treat patients just to make money with stuff that they might not need, and they push their dr to do this

3:55 AM  
Anonymous selena said...

i am delighted vital dent closed down! thay are a disgrace!! i got in visaligne from them and was supposed to go every 2 weeks to change tray but of course it was impossible to see a dentist for weeks on end! then one day i arrive in for my appt and find out the office is closing the nvt day!! no letter, no phone call!! i was sent to 4 different offices in my time with them and finally got call day before one of my appts to tell me vital dent were gone bust and another company were taking over! was told to call head office and a bunch of lying assholes answered the phone, i had to go into office every day and hound them to get my trays back, now i have to pay another dentis to finish my treatment1 this place sucks as does access dental whih took over. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vital dent was bad news but all access dental is not. You only have one mouth and one set of teeth. The owners of Vital dent have been in the Dental industry for years. The only good customer is a repeat, all access has a proven track record of success and if your going to have a major proceedure get more than one Dentist to give you a quote but get your teeth looked at. You are your own best Dentist, if you do not see it on the xray or feel it check at another place. Everyone deserves a smile and no one should lose teeth.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also wish I had never had work done by Vital Dent I am English and live in Spain I went to the branch in Ontinyent as the dentist spoke English but I have had a bridge done and after nearly 18 months it is still painful it has been replaced twice and the technician has shouted at me at one time I was going in every week and I have been told that I have cost the practice money and am not welcome They do not have the technology and are only after money I don't blame the dentist as I think he was doing his best but it is the franchise owner who couln't care less I know of 2 people who have had implants that fell out ...I am now saving to get new bridge from a normal dentist

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the EXACT SAME experience as you did at Vital Dent on 23rd 3 years ago. They refused to clean my teeth, saying I had gum disease. The doctor then told me I had TEN cavities!!! Then 3 assistants took me into a room and told me how serious the situation was - if I didn't sign the contract for the $2100 treatment HERE and NOW, I'd need a root canal in a matter of days. Luckily, I smelled a rat and said I would have to think about it because that was too much money.

Long story short, I went to my boss' dentist who did X-rays again and told me I had ZERO CAVITIES AND NO GUM DISEASE. I was OUTRAGED. The problem is that these people get away with it b/c there's basically no way you can prove that someone didn't have a cavity once you've already filled it. And if you catch them in a lie, like you and I did, you can't sue b/c no damage was done.

So that's why you have to be so careful when choosing a dentist. They have this easy way to make dirty money and no repercussions!

11:11 AM  
Blogger javier said...

Well the funny owner of this millioner corporation is a guy from Uruguay called Colman, or something alike. This clever bussines man started his first dental mess in madrid, Spain, where i am from. And it has expanded exponentially over the years. The secret of his success is a complete lack of moral, great marketing, big scale working, and the most important thing: an army of attorneys. Here in spain has not even been touched by justice. It must be so much the profit, that he has not bribed justice, but purchased it. In the prime time shows, the hosts promote their clinics, he is a member of the spanish school of dentists(hes not a dentist) It seems like hes doing the same shit in your country, as you say i hope this mother fukcer is going down

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, unfortunatly I' ve seen the opposite happening as well and usually when the "collegue" concerned is an older dentist:

Patients come to my office because it's closer to their home than the previous dentist. First consultation; the teeth on the X-rays look like Swiss cheese. I tell them and show them, and what do you think happens?

No, you guessed wrong! They go back to their old dentist who reassures them again that nothing's wrong with their teeth.

Un-f**king believable, but some people just want to hear nothings wrong and go back to sleep. So when there's finally pain they'll allways believe the tooth just broke like that, by itself, without a reason (Yeah right!)

To such people I'm always happy to point out the direction of the exit of my office.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for one vitaldent, and boy, they fired every single dentist they hired or they quit. the owners are from Spains, they had no clue how An American dental office works. Specially the man, so stupid, he didn't even make the effort to learn English.they wanted a quick profit and it doesn't work that way, patients don't like changes, I quit that place, and never looked back. And yes Vitaldent closed but osme stayed they have been bought by the owners that had th efrnachise, but it's the same BS. I heard that they were bankrupt.

7:12 PM  
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