Saturday, June 23, 2007

Assorted Topics

If you like watching stuff on the Internet, above is an interview I did with the popular comedian Robert Kelly, whom you might know from the Tourgasm program on the popular HBO network. At one point during the interview, Robert grabs my balls. Brace yourself. I know I did.

Speaking of being touched, here is something nice. As hinted at a couple posts ago, Robin Williams was in attendance at my most recent Los Angeles Explosion. As if that weren’t a nice enough surprise, he ended up talking about me in an interview the next day, saying “A lot of things make me laugh, a lot of comics. I saw a great young guy last night named Dave Hill who is really funny. He has a site on YouTube.” You can read the full interview here. Thanks to my friend Meredith, who has the Internet at her house, for pointing it out to me.

In the interest of keeping things fair and balanced, however, I would also like to share with you an e-mail I received from a guy named Mike who works at a company called Megadyne America, which is apparently a world class manufacturer of belts and pulleys. Anyway, Mike writes in an e-mail with subject line of “power dork of Miami”:

“Your show is retarded. I really don't know how someone with absolutely no character can get their own show. Have you ever watched 1 episode? I think a monkey could be 1000 times more funny. I'm not trying to be a jerk but I just thought someone should tell you.”

As hinted at in his e-mail, Mike is not trying to be a jerk. However, a small part of me thinks he might be succeeding anyway. Generally though, I am more inclined to simply respect Mike’s right to not like me or the show to which he is referring, “The King of Miami” (which is playing now on the futuristic MoJo network). After all, no one made me go into show business. And for the record, I think monkeys are really funny too. At least Mike and I can agree on that. For example:

Speaking of “The King of Miami,” a show hated by pretty much every belt and pulley manufacturer I have ever come in contact with via the Internet (which is to say, Mike), if you are so inclined, you can watch an entire episode here. I hope you like it more than Mike did. But if you don’t that’s okay too. I just want you to be the best you you can be and I’ll do the same.

In other news, above is a photo (courtesy of Anya Garrett from my most recent New York Explosion featuring special guests John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton, who were both delightful.

Above are a couple videos from the night. The first is me performing and incredible magic trick and the second is me singing a song I wrote for John and Jonathan. Thanks to Marianne for documenting these incredible moments in life.

In still other news, it’s Gay Pride weekend here in New York City. There are parades and all sorts of gayness going on all over the place. Gay or straight, it’s pretty much a fun time for everyone. There is even a big rainbow flag hanging in front of my apartment building. I guess the landlord put it there to let the gays know all of us residents support whatever gaying it up they’ve got planned. And he is right! A friend of mine just called to tell me that something called the Dyke March had just started and there were packs of lesbians walking down Fifth Avenue. I really shouldn’t be sitting here at this computer right now with this kind of excitement going on.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Ty Garrit Tucson, Arizona said...

I know Mike and he is qualified to call your show retarded. Several teachers over the years told him he was "barely above retarded" so if he doesn't get your humor...well you get it. Oh wait you probably don't, YOUR SHOW IS RETARDED. There, I'm glad we got that out of the way. He is also an authority on character. Everyone at work always says, "There goes that character Mike, what a douche bag." so he is obviously a guru on that shit. (By the way our belts and pulleys kick total ass.)
I will of course concede to you begrudgingly the point about monkeys.

8:34 PM  

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