Sunday, June 17, 2007

Explosive Los Angeles Explosion

I’ve just returned from spending the past week in scenic Los Angeles, home of the stars. It was a fun, busy, and- as you can probably imagine- very glamorous week. I did my Dave Hill Explosion show at the UCB Theatre over there in Hollywood on Thursday night and it turned out to be one of the more explosive Explosions in recent memory. My guests were musician Abby Travis, who was excellent, and Andy Dick, who was pretty much just as Andy Dick-like as one might expect, which made for a fun/scary night. Adding to the mayhem was the fact that Robin Williams was in the audience and ended up coming on stage at the end of the show. He was super funny too. It was pretty surreal for me since he is Robin Williams and all (That is a picture of Robin, Andy, Abby, Andy's friend Tim, and me above, as you might have guessed). After the show, Robin and Andy hung out backstage and we all talked for a bit, which was a totally bizarre and nice experience. I’m still all like “What the fuck just happened?” about the whole thing. Hollywood- am I right or am I right?

I would like to digress for a moment and point out that I am sitting in a coffee shop as I type this and the Gipsy Kings are blaring in the background. How did these guys get to be the official Sunday coffee shop/brunch place band? Seriously, what the fuck? It never ends. Oh wait, maybe this is Buena Vista Social Club.

Okay, getting back to my trip to Los Angeles, above is a photo of me during the dance portion of my explosive Explosion show. Thanks to my friend Bill Price for having his camera at the ready during my show in case I did pushups or Robin Williams showed up from out of nowhere.

Other excitement from my Los Angeles invasion included doing the popular Comedy Deathray show at UCB on Tuesday night. It was Paul F. Tompkins’ CD release party so it was an extra special night. Fred Armisen, Andy Kindler, Jimmy Pardo, and Jen Kirkman were also on the show and they were all hilarious. I was honored to be a part of it. Paul- as usual- was hilarious and exceptionally well-dressed in a seersucker suit. Fun times all around.

The rest of my time in scenic Los Angeles was spent running around to high-powered show business meetings and hanging out with my friend Tig in scenic Venice. One day while we were sitting on Tig’s porch, Julia Roberts kept riding past her house on a bicycle. I did my best to keep my composure.

As with about 50% of my entries, I am realizing I am pretty brain dead as I type this. I have an excuse this time though. Last night I went to the opening of some friends’ new bar in Greenpoint called the Black Rabbit. They have a bunch of beer there and I drank a whole bunch of it, which is a recipe for instant good times. I don’t feel too excellent today though. It’s funny how that sort of thing goes.

Okay, I am going to quit while I’m behind. Have a super day.

Dave Hill


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