Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dick Dale And Children Of The Unicorn

Last night, one of my two unstoppable rock bands, Children of the Unicorn played at B.B. King’s over there on 42nd Street. Normally I’m opposed to rocking in such close proximity to an Applebee’s, but we had the opportunity to open up for surf rock legend Dick Dale (a/k/a the guy who plays the opening song to the popular “Pulp Fiction” movie in case you don’t know who he is already) so we were all like “Fuck it- let’s play across the street from Applebee’s.” It ended up being a really good time despite the fact that most people in attendance were busy eating chicken wings and discussing the fact that we were not Dick Dale during our set. Still, they clapped and yelled for us, which was all it took for us to continue unleashing the rock fury on their asses for, like, 35 minutes straight or something. The photo above is of me rocking out like I mean it. Thanks to Anya for sending it along.

After we finished rocking, I headed back to our dressing to hang out in post-rock show fashion (usually involves just sitting there drinking something and commenting on various aspects of the show while maybe also using a little profanity for dramatic effect). That went on for about ten minutes until Dick Dale took the stage. Since he was wearing a wireless guitar, he managed to run over to our dressing room and kick the door open while still playing his guitar to let us know we should come out there and watch him rock or he might kick our asses or something. I got the message and headed out to the side of the stage to watch the mayhem and was glad I did. Dick and his band rocked balls. Not too shabby for a 70 year-old. I took the photo above with my cell phone. As you can tell, Dick does not stop shredding for photo opportunities. I respect that.

After watching Dick and his band rock for a while, I snuck back to our dressing room to eat the complimentary hamburger the nice people at B.B. King’s gave me. After a few bites, however, I started to worry that Dick might come and kick open our dressing room door again and decided to finish my hamburger while watching some more from the side of the stage, thus violating my own rule of mixing rock music with food items. Still that beats getting your ass kicked by a 70 year-old man any day. Here’s to never really finding out for sure though.

Dave Hill


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