Monday, July 02, 2007

Cleveland Invasion

Today I write to you from a coffee shop in scenic Cleveland where I am for a few days hanging out with my parents and whatnot. Yesterday we went to see the popular Cleveland Indians baseball team play against the Devil Rays team from Tampa Bay, Florida. The Indians wons 3-2 in a not-that-action-packed 8 1/2 innings. It was good times though. I ate a hot dog and some peanuts and they put my dad’s name on the scoreboard for his birthday, which was a source of great excitement for us and the 30,000 or so others in attendance (but mostly us).

Other than the above, I have mostly been sleeping and am hoping to see some friends before I head back to the Big City. On a side note, there is a really shitty acoustic coffee-shop version of U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love)” playing from the coffee shop stereo as I type this. Some woman is singing it, trying to taking the song to the next level or some shit, like we’re gonna start crying from all the new meaning she is giving to the words. I am doing my best to keep it together.

In other news, I have been not drinking coffee or alcohol for the past week as part of a self-induced fog-lifting regimen I am trying out. I am hoping to go a couple weeks with this new, no-fun format and then really get back into coffee and alcohol full force again. It hasn’t been that hard though. Since I haven’t been drinking, I don’t need the coffee as much in the morning. And then to fill in the gaps, I just eat ice cream all the time. So I am becoming a fat, even-keeled, sober person this week. Some guys I knew growing up have started an ice cream company here in Cleveland called Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream and I ate a whole pint of that shit like a motherfucker the other day after drinking a Ben & Jerry’s milkshake (there is a Ben & Jerry’s store near my parents’ house) a few hours earlier. I’m hoping to pick up some more of the Mitchell’s stuff today. In an alternate universe, I would love to have my own ice cream company, so I am glad someone I know is living the dream for me. It's really great stuff too.

Anyway, so that about covers it in the Dave universe at the moment. I leave you with something very special:

Dave Hill


Anonymous Ty Garrit said...

Was the woman singing the song Bono?
I made some chocolate rain in my pants when I heard that.
Happy B-day to your dad.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a Ben and Jerry's milkshake when it's at home? I'm intrigued, we don't have any ben and jerry's joints round my way. I'm guessing it's a milkshake in ben and jerry's ice cream flavours, perhaps containing ice cream. It doesn't hurt to ask though I reckon.


9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave it was great to see you in C-Town. Next time don't go on the wagon when you visit us I always seem funnier and more attractive when you've been drinking


2:06 PM  

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