Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Terror Sandwiches

Here is a sign I saw plastered onto the outside of a deli on 8th Avenue near Madison Square Garden a few days ago. Somehow I think Osama Bin Laden isn't relying on your chicken cutlet money all that much though. But I still think it's cute how some guy with a magic marker and a piece of cardboard is trying to stop terrorism in its tracks. I think it would be great if one day he had a crisis of hunger and had to abandon his principles in favor of handing over his money for a delicious sandwich. "Damn you, Osama!," the mystery sign maker will scream while shaking his fist in the air. Then he will take a big bite of the most delicious pastrami he has ever tasted and he will forget his one-man War on Terror for at least the next few bites. As for the website he mentions on the sign, I am hoping it's one of those Geocities pages with lots of late '90's html graphics.

Dave Hill


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