Sunday, March 30, 2008

Animated GIF Of The Week: Patrick Borelli Pets Dog

Here is an animated GIF made by my friend Patrick Borelli. I like how the dog keeps whipping it's head around. I am also concerned about what Patrick's hand is doing when it leaves the frame. I am suggesting that maybe he is touching his privates. This is because I am juvenile and not one to shy away from the most obvious joke one could possibly make in any given scenario. But it is early and I haven't had my coffee yet. There's no telling what I might come up with a couple sips from now. Man, this party lifestyle is really getting to me. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this funtime moment exploring the exciting world of animated GIFs, which are from the future.

Dave Hill


Blogger mattpat said...

Hey Dave. It's Patrick Borelli, the guy in the animated gif. My hand was not disappearing into my pants, like you insinuated. There was an even tinier dog sitting on my lap, just out of the picture. I was alternating between petting Eloise,the dog in the picture, and Lady Carmichael, the tiny 4 lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was resting on my lap. I hope this makes you feel like a complete jerk.



11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me about it (the morning). I got up at 11:30 - pretty good for a Sunday. Some joker had put the clocks forward making it 12:30. Oh man. I had to go for a lie down. Did the clocks go forward in America too. It's bright sunshine at 6:20pm! All is not well with the world.

jce xx

1:20 PM  
Blogger Dave Hill said...

hey patrick- i think it's really sad yet incredible that you call your penis lady carmichael. i am impressed that it is four pounds though. do you have some weird elephantitis-type condition or something? you should get down to "bodies: the exhibition" and sort that shit out.


1:52 PM  

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