Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Dave Hill Explosion With Ira Glass And Moby TONIGHT

Attention People of New York City:

Hi there. This is Dave. Dave Hill. From before. Anyway, I just wanted to remind you one last time that TONIGHT (Thursday, March 20, 2008 for you calendar buffs) I will be once again be showing up at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea for what critics are already calling “a triumph of the human spirit,” “a return to innocence,” and “the rapiest $5 show in town.” I am, of course, talking about my reasonably popular one-man chat/variety juggernaut the Dave Hill Explosion. Personally, I am pretty excited about it (I made a poster and everything). In fact, if I think and/or type about it too much, I will probably have a low-grade seizure (which is to say severe enough for people to take the straws out of their mouths, but not severe enough to make everyone get off the rollercoaster), so I should probably just get right into it: there is going to be a donkey at my show (the little kind that is small enough for kids to ride while dressed in western wear but still large enough to comfortably hold up to three average-size and really hammered adults at one time). That having been said, I cannot stress to you enough that under no circumstances should you approach the donkey. It is an irritable donkey with no regard for anyone, even himself at times. In addition to the donkey, my show will also feature such really incredible guests as Ira Glass, host of the popular “This American Life” radio and television programs, and Moby, the popular musician, artist, DJ, and tea magnate. And, of course, my sidebitch Phil will be there in full-force and there is nothing you or I or even the donkey can do to stop him (but to be fair, I would love to see the donkey try). Okay, hope to see you tomorrow. You seem nice. And that shirt goes great with your eyes. Not crazy about the sombrero though. However, I do like that you keep things fun.

Dave Hill


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