Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sears Family Photo And Other Topics

Here’s a photo taken by Beowulf Sheehan backstage after my last Dave Hill Explosion show at the UCB Theatre with excellent guests Bob Mould and Amy Sedaris. It was a really fun night and now I’ve got the pictures to prove it, dammit. Thanks to Beowulf for the great shots (I’ll post more later)- he’s an excellent photographer and I am honored he is willing to point that thing at me (I am referring to the camera device, not, you know, his weiner. Is that how you spell weiner? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s wiener. You'd think I would have just looked it up by now).

Speaking of Bob Mould, my brother and I had a chance to check him out with his band at Irving Plaza the other night and he was awesome. He played songs spanning his entire career from as far back as Husker Du’s legendary “Zen Arcade” album and on up to his great new album “District Line.” Lots of Sugar stuff too. I’ve been seeing Bob play since I was a teenager and he is great every time. If you get a chance to see Bob and his band, be sure to check that shit out. You will be schooled in the ways of rock and you will be loving it.

In other news, a quick update on my Dave Hill Explosion show this Thursday, March 20, at the UCB Theatre. My guests for the evening will now be Ira Glass (host of NPR’s “This American Life”), Moby, and Touching You. It’s gonna be loco. You can reserve tickets at no advance cost to you or your loved ones right here. I mean, hey, why not? You like fun, right? Plus you will see this guy:

I am not yet sure whether he is bringing the helmet or not.

Okay, it is Saturday. I’ve got to go show up for life! Actually, I will probably just go get some coffee and start to figure out the rest shortly after that. Putting on pants is half the battle. The rest is getting the hair right and then maybe picking up some snacks. There might be some other stuff too. Seriously though, don’t skimp on the haircare. You’ll thank me later.

Dave Hill


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Did you notice this sentence?
"I’ve been seeing Bob play since I was a teenager and he never fails to disappoint." I didn't. Notice that is.

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