Thursday, July 10, 2008

Possibly Gay Cowboy Now Living In My Home

Today I decided to take a short break from whatever the hell it is that I do all day and do a little shopping. Somewhere along the way I stopped into the Kid Robot store on Prince street and picked up the cowboy above. I’m not really “into toys,” but occasionally I’ll pick one up just to break up the day a little bit and then later have sitting around on my desk next to unpaid bills and other really grownup stuff. Anyway- getting back to the cowboy- I think he totally might be gay. I’m not positive, but I will say that he has been looking at me funny ever since I took him out of the box. Either way, he sure is keeping things fun around here. And as it turns out, the cowboy has a bunch of friends too, most of whom look like they too may very well prefer the company of men. I guess maybe I’ll pick up a few more next time and see what happens when I put them all up there on the shelf together without supervision. They will probably totally gay it up I'm guessing. I mean seriously- look at that goatee. That is one seriously gay cowboy if you ask me.

Dave Hill


Blogger Eric said...

i'm pretty sure you're stereotyping, thus rendering this an unacceptable post in today's politically correct society...

not that there's anything wrong with that! it's perfectly natural!

5:23 PM  

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