Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dave Hill Exposion With Steve Guttenberg, Chris March, and TAB the Band TOMORROW, Thursday, September 18 At The UCB Theatre

Attention People of New York City:

Today I write to you from beyond the grave. No, just kidding. But I had you going for a second, didn't I? Okay, maybe not but you have to admit it would be pretty cool to write someone from beyond the grave. They would never see it coming (unless, of course, you mention it to them right before you die, in which case they would probably get your creepy dead guy note and be all like "Oh yeah, he mentioned he was gonna do that." Then they would probably just get back to whatever else they were doing. The afterlife- it will mess with your mind sometimes). Anyway, I just wanted to remind you one last time that TOMORROW, which is to say Thursday, September 18 at 9:30pm, my critically acclaimed super happy fun time hour known to me and others as the Dave Hill Explosion is totally going to happen and there is not a damn thing those fat cats in Washington can do about it. Stunning outfits? Check. Incredible hair? Double check. Me being lowered from the ceiling by invisible wires while semi-nude, greased, and on fire? Working on it. There will be really great guests on my show tomorrow night too, like showbiz veteran and recent "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Steve Guttenberg, "Project Runway" and America's own Chris March, and the rocking Boston rock trio TAB the Band, who are different from the beverage yet just as satisfying, delicious, and artificially caramel-colored. And, of course, resident creep Phil will be in full effect. Believe me- there are plenty of days when I just don't want to be me, but this time it is simply because I would love to sit in the audience and watch this show. There is no way I would pay five bucks for it though. I mean, it is totally worth it and all, but I've got too much dirt on myself and would happily use that to blackmail my way in the door. You, on the other hand, can reserve a perfectly reasonably priced five dollar ticket that you don't even have to pay for unless you show up right here. I really hope you can make it. Daddy says it's time for me to come home and get a job of work but I told him things would be different after tomorrow night because you just can't stop show people.

I love you,
Dave Hill


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