Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holy Sh*t

Hump Day- am I right? The weather has been cooling off a bit so naturally it’s got me thinking about all the magical clothing layering possibilities that come with the fall. I really plan on taking things to the next level (and maybe even the next level after that) this time around.

Keeping all that in mind, yesterday I decided to clean the fuck out of the closets in my apartment (you know, so I be better prepared for all the layering I’m going to be doing). I folded shit, got rid of shit, and continued my ongoing battle with those damn clothing moths I have pretty much accepted as roommates at this point. I’ve done countless minutes of research on these irritating winged (pronounced wing-ed- two syllables for dramatic effect) beasts and can’t figure out why the hell they like living with me so much (I mean, I’m fun and all but even I get sick of myself after a while). As I understand it, the clothing moths (or- more specifically the larvae) live primarily off of animal-based materials like wool, silk, and taxidermy. Admittedly (and sadly?), I have a few of all of these things in my apartment, but certainly not enough to satisfy the near-Biblical swarms of clothing moths that totally hang out in my apartment like we’re splitting the rent or something. Add to that the fact that I’ve sprayed so much clothing moth-killing spray around this apartment that I’m pretty sure I’ve altered my own DNA by this point, and it’s, like, seriously annoying that these things are still here. I think they are weakening though. Lately I’ve noticed the clothing moths crashing down onto my desk from out of nowhere, not unlike a man on fire who rushes into a bar in hopes that someone, anyone will pour their drink on him so that he might cheat death. But if they’re looking for help from me they’ve got another thing coming (to paraphrase the mighty Judas Priest).

In other news, I stumbled upon the blog of “Ren and Stimpy” creator John Kricfalusi the other day. In this entry, he writes at length about his preference for traditional 2D animation over the popular 3D animation we see all the time now. I couldn’t agree with him more (though- being a pro and all- he totally explains it all much better than I could). For a while, I refused to even see films done with 3D animation. I’ve slowly relented, however. And while I don’t still totally hate it, I’d much rather see a cartoon animated in traditional 2D any day. I remember seeing “Ratatouille” when it came out and though I enjoyed it, the 2D animation used during the credits was my favorite part of the entire film (visually speaking, that is). Get John K.’s interesting take on the whole thing here. The man knows from cartoons.

Dave Hill


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