Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Am Totally In A Play This Week

Hi there. I am totally in a play this week called "Refugee Girls Revue", which is part of the New York Fringe Festival that is totally happening right now. The play is a musical parody of the show that goes on for real at the American Girl Doll store. You can get a better sense of things by reading this great review of the show here. Anyway, you should totally come to see it tonight, Wednesday, Friday, and/or Saturday this week. Here is the full schedule and address of the theatre and stuff (80 St. Marks Place- I have it memorized for when I have to go there later). The play stars a bunch of really pretty young ladies and I am the only guy in the play. I play the role of "Token Male" and I'm told my character represents "the disorientation men feel upon entering the American Girl Doll store," which sounds about right. The play opened on Sunday night and went really well aside from my screwups. I even saw one of the actresses' boobs backstage by accident (I swear). What a night! I hope you can come to see it. We can get a sandwich afterwards.

Dave Hill


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