Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Couple More New Valley Lodge Rock Songs For You

Hi. How are you? I am pretty good. Things have been crazy here at Dave Hill International. I will give a full update soon and you will probably wet the furniture or something. That's how exciting it all is. In the meantime, however, I wanted to tell you that I posted two new songs from the forthcoming incredible new album by my rock band Valley Lodge. The songs are over there on our MySpace page and they are called "Break Your Heart" and "Sentimental Lady," the latter of which is a cover of a song by the great Bob Welch. Anyway, go over there and listen to them right now or I will do something probably only I will regret. The page is located right here. I hope you like the songs a whole bunch. They pretty much have everything.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, 'Break Your Heart' is amazing. I love it, great work! The Bob W. song is a nice touch. I remember buying one of his singles on vinyl as a youngster.

Eagerly awaiting the release of the album.


12:42 PM  

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