Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Killer Peppers And Other Topics

I just got word that the goverment health people have figured out that you should totally not eat jalapeno peppers for a while unless you totally want to die from salmonella. Yeah- no thanks! Still this news doesn’t come easy for me, a guy who likes to make things Mexcellent as often as possible and only very recently discovered the jalapeno popper. I mean, sure, I can bring it down for a few days but I really hope they get everything sorted out pronto so I can get the year-long Cinco de Mayo party that I like to keep going in my mouth up and running again.

In other news, last night my incredible rock band Valley Lodge played a private corporate event (since we are rock-n-roll whores) at the Hard Rock Cafe over there in Times Square. It’s a little far north for rockers like us to be playing but with the promise of a little cash and an all-you-can-eat buffet, we were all over that shit. The show was a lot of fun. We were totally rocking people and they were like “Oh, man!” and stuff. The show was in a room called the New York room. After a couple hours I finally put it together that that’s why all the guitars and pictures and clothes and stuff on the walls in that room were from New York musicians. I am like a detective sometimes.

In other news, last week’s Explosion ended up being pretty explosive. That is a picture from the show above, take by the great Beowulf Sheehan. My guests Martha Plimpton and Lucy Wainwright Roche were awesome and Phil rocked “Night Shark” at the end, which was pretty unstoppable. There were even celebrities in the audience, which is always the true test of whether something was really worth leaving the house for if you ask me (I am a shallow person).

Okay, I’m off to go work on my killer abs.

Dave Hill


Anonymous eardley said...

I feel I have to confess this to you. A couple of weeks ago I served up some salmon ceviche that I made. I told guests that I was doing something "mexcellent with salmon", they said "what?" I said "mexcellent - mexican and excellent" and they laughed and laughed. Well I didn't actually cite the originator of the term (i.e. you) because everyone was smiling at me instead of spitting in my face, which made me feel good. So I apologise for that.

7:42 AM  

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