Monday, September 12, 2005

Download this. Mofo. Please.

In the interest of both continuing the shameless self-promotion I have been up to lately and also (hopefully) sharing good music with people and whatnot, I would like to encourage you to download a song by my molten rock band Valley Lodge, which I realize I have been mentioning nonstop lately. Anyway, the song is called ”All Of My Loving” and you can either stream it or download it for free here. I also realize there are millions of bands offering free downloads on the Internet these days, but I promise you my band does not suck. Check it out and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can track me down and kick me in the nuts or something. If you do like it, please share it with others. Who knows- it might even get you laid. Now, wouldn't that be something?

Dave Hill


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