Friday, September 02, 2005

Valley Lodge. Dammit.

In case you are looking for even more Internet excitement (And really, why wouldn’t you be?), the website for my unstoppable rock band Valley Lodge is finally up and running. It’s really pretty and shiny and also really hot (this is a reference to temperature mostly), so don’t blame me if your computer explodes or something when you look at it. Anyway, go here and let the mayhem begin. You can stream our entire album and then when you’re all done you can even go buy the album for yourself or a loved one at CDBaby. You could also download the entire album (or just the songs you really, really love the most) at iTunes if you feel like getting all futuristic about it. Anyway, check out the site and listen to the music. If you are not completely satisfied with your Valley Lodge experience, you can track me down and kick me in the nuts. So there.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Cristy said...

no slob in the kitchen eh????

must say luv the corndogs and mustard in the shirt pocket.

but really what made it for me was the kid vicious segment(although you weren't in that part)must definetly get my niece the 'he thinks he's my daddy' one, cuz he really (seriously) though might be a touch cruel?

10:34 PM  

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