Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking (That Much)

I'm currently reading "Blink", Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling follow-up to his best-selling first book "The Tipping Point." I really like Gladwell's writing and also his hair and highly recommend both books. "Blink" is about "the power of thinking without thinking," something I have been trying to get better at lately. Here is a quote from about halfway through the book that has- perhaps wrongfully- been making me feel better about myself and my place in this world:

"The problem is that buried among the things that we hate is a class of products that are in that category only because they are weird. They make us nervous. They are sufficiently different that it takes us some time to understand that we actually like them."

Then again, maybe I just really, really suck.

Dave Hill


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