Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Dave Hill Explosion: Thurs. Dec. 15 at 11pm at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Instant Good Times.

Dear friends, colleagues, and other people with Internet access:

I just wanted to let you know that on Thurs. Dec. 15 at 11pm, I am going to be walking on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (located at 307 West 26th Street right near all the great shops) and totally f#%king sh*t up (I mean this in a good way) with another exciting episode of my mystifying nightclub act, The Dave Hill Explosion. If you like stuff that is really entertaining, then you should totally come to my show because that is exactly what I am going to be dishing up for like 35 minutes straight on Dec. 15. The show will actually go on for 36 minutes total, but I plan to not be entertaining for a full minute at some point just so people do not start taking it for granted or something. Adding to the mayhem, I am also going to have a super secret surprise guest on my show who is so incredible that I have had to start taking anti-seizure medication ever since I got the news. Anyway, the incredible guest and I are going to sit there and talk and just be entertaining in general to the point where you will be all like I cannot believe this is happening right in front of me. Christmas is not for another ten days. WTF? Where is the bathroom? As if all that is not enough, my show at the UCB Theatre on Thurs. Dec. 15 at 11pm is going to be entirely FREE of charge. A lot of experts have told me how Broadway shows like "The Producers" and "Movin' Out" charge as much as $100 for tickets and how I could easily get away with charging twice that, but I was all like you know what- this is not about money, this is about art. When I said money I used air quotes too. And when I said art I began to cry and stormed out of the room to let them know I am freaking serious about that sh*t and we are done talking about it. Another thing I wanted to say is that I know that some of you might see how the show is at 11pm and be all like I am sorry, but that is a little late for me- I have to give a presentation to our shareholders the next morning and I have to be razor sharp because it involves a PowerPoint display followed by a Q&A session and a bagel buffet. And to that I say- Save it! You do not see me screwing up your life by running out and getting a job. Why do you have to pull that crap with me? Anyway, we can talk more about that later. I am so angry with you right now. Getting back to my show, however, I really hope you can make it. In fact, why not reserve tickets at the UCB website right now? That would be so great.

Your man,
Dave Hill


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