Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Am Totally In A Play, Dammit

Here is something interesting. I am totally in a play. It is called "Iowa ‘08", which is part of the the 4th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival at the Vineyard Theater (which is a totally reputable off-Broadway theater it is my understanding). This is particulary exciting to me since I have never been in a play before, which is something I try not to bring up too much to any of the other people involved with the play since they are all pros who have been on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theater and stuff. It’s kind of intimidating actually- everyone is really talented and I just have to nod a lot and act like I know what’s going on when people throw around lingo like “half hour” and “curtain call” and stuff like that. I’m having a lot of fun though and hopefully I’m getting better at this acting business in the process.

As hinted at in the title, 4th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival is actually a series of ten-minute plays that combine to form one big magical play called "Iowa '08" that you should totally come see. There are shows on July 22 (which is today for all you calendar buffs), July 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. You can get the full scoop on things here. And for your viewing pleasure, check out this commercial “Iowa ‘08,” the play that I am totally in like a motherfucker:

So yeah, totally come see this play or I will lose my shit, dammit.

Dave Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the play! Good luck with the acting thing- I know you will do a great job! :)

4:39 PM  

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